Some Clowns

Why clown? What the clown?

“Clown” means a lot of things. These clowns are just one of them. There are traditions sometimes called clown that have most to do with circus or vaudeville or physical comedy or (horribly) horror or pants or with anything where the fun is generated mostly because the performer(s) don’t know anything at all. We are that last one, plus a few important details! We begin with the innovation made by Pierre Byland in the mid-1900’s to play the clown nose as a mask: the tiniest mask in the world. And because it is such a special mask as this, the performer beneath it is transformed in a very specific and essential way. This clown is the performer’s comic essence, specific and true to the uniqueness of each. The clown is inherently a theatrical being, waiting backstage in any and every space that dares call itself a performance one, no matter how ramshackle, for their big chance to come to the audience and give away their fun. During this padmenic they’ve been back there a long time! Dreaming big dreams, practicing their folderall, falling in and out of love and out and in again, arguing, weeping, hugging with all their might and/or a bit reluctantly, and trying not to set anything on fire or break too much, Jailbreak Yeasty Sooosan put that down! While we’ve been inside, they may have taken a few trips through the watercolor world of our imagination to places like Vermont through magic portals and on empty commuter trains. 

Loner 4.JPG


has travelled the world -- from Coney Island to Paris! from Nashville to Vermont! Loner loves to see an open road stretched out before her two feet and her two feet least sometimes she thinks this is what she loves the most. Sometimes she thinks two things at once. She knows that she wants to be loved, just not the kind of love that ties her down. She knows she’s gotta go somewhere -- like across the Atlantic on a solo flight! -- and look, there she goes! Don’t forget to miss her!


enjoys the better things in life like running here, there and everywhere........ YoYo loves to dance and fashions herself as a cross between a great dancer and an AMAZINGLY great dancer! She has boiled down her fifty-thousand signature dance moves into four fabulous dance moves-WOW! She won FIRST prize in ALL of the dance contests that she dreamed up in her mind. In her spare time, YoYo enjoys talking to herself about very important things.


jailbreak YeAsTY soousan

thinks that . . . . aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrrrrgggg!!!!!!!!!


Hope came from a pretty gray and dusty place. But that doesn’t stop her, because she takes buses and trains. Hope knows lots of stuff like songs, maybe, and some ways to get to Vermont, and that YoYo should really not climb on top of tables when she dances. Hope’s right here, everybody. 


Sven Sven Mount St. Andersson

really, deeply wants you to feel wonderful! Or at least to be ok. (even though Sven knows that, as a rule, it is usually not ok at all). Sven hates that rule.


is a genius. He is everywhere. And no where at all. He is a circle with no beginning and no end. He is the space inside that circle that you can not see, where ancient winds blow in your ear. He is where nothing happens at all and everything happens all the time. Time is Zero. Nothing ever changes and everything is never the same. Sometimes Zero sings a little song. Sometimes he has buckets and fish sandwiches.

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