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International Commedia Day!


Every year on February 25 it's International Commedia Day! ALL AROUND THE WORLD!  On this day each year, artists get to hollerin' about the big, stupid, astonishing, inventive fun to be found under those bewitching half-masks of the Italian Comedy. We started offering Commedia Day events in 2016 in Los Angeles. Then the pesky Pandemic caused a very long pause in the hoopla. But now we're back, baby!


In 2024 we had a big time! With 2 FREE events hosted by Brooklyn College and Pace University. Over 50 performers conjured the comic world under over 30 Commedia masks created by master artisans Den Durand, Bob Bueth and Mr. Face. After a little blah blah blah about how this Commedia gizmo works, we put the fun in our bodies and took those masks and the archetypes that go with 'em out for a spin! We had a blast, made connections, and succeeded like gangbusters riding the chaos and delight. To all who were there I say, BRAVA!

White Fabric




Commedia Company Greatest Hits shows at The Cobra Club in Brooklyn.


FREE Open Class 

at CPR in Brooklyn.


Commedia Company Opening Night! 

at Jack in Brooklyn.

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