Ah, the pause! We hadta pause before we even hardly got going! Boy, oh boy, did we pick a fantastic time to open a studio based on live performance training. Sheesh. But we have our fingers (and toes and various unmentionables) crossed in hopes of being together again soon! In the meantime please peruse the site and know we're sending good vibes (Virginia can do that 'cause she used to live in California), and dreaming of when we will see you (again)! 

AND... some fizgiggers have been busy making things for the internet and now they are here for you to enjoy! 

Closure written by Sidse Soerensen

directed by Virginia Scott

Cast: Jess Keirson & Sidse Soerensen

We reworked this comic theatre piece for zoom. After knocking around zoom performance this way and that we found that filming a piece that is supposed to be happening on zoom makes the most sense... on zoom! Lean into the zoominess! The usefulness of being live on zoom remains elusive so we took advantage of the possibilities of recording & editing. Another lesson: make it as visual as possible, move around and do things! Have a look!