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SomeClowns Cannot Wait! is a comedy show with 5 clowns, 1 musical washboard, 3 songs, countless surprises, and (not!) waiting. Loner, Jailbreak Yeasty Soooousan, Hope, Yoyo and Sven Sven Mount Saint Andersson have nothing but boundless enthusiasm for the sleigh ride of fun they may not have figured out how to have yet. But they can't wait to find it and share it with you. Every SomeClowns show has new material, improvisation and maybe a an old chestnut here and there (could be your favorite!) - so come again and again to check up on the shenanigans your ol' pals will get up to this time. Here comes big dumb holiday fun!


221 N 9th Street, Brooklyn


WHEN: Monday 12/11 @ 7pm (doors at 6:30pm)

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