We are pleased to introduce you to Some Clowns


a group of artists from the Northeast of the USA who came together during the pandemic to keep the comic world alive while the clowns were separated from their most fundamental compatriots, the audience.

Some Clowns in We Are All Aloner: Episode #1

In Episode #1 of this Some Clowns improvisational series, Loner is missing. Yoyo, Jailbreak Yeasty Soousan, Hope, Zero, and Sven Sven Mount St. Andersson try to conjure Loner every which way they can, until the only thing left to do is go after her... even though it means somehow finding a place called Vermont.

Some Clowns in We Are All Aloner: Episode #2

Loner is in Vermont. There are pancakes. Yoyo, Zero, Sven Sven Mount Saint Andersson, and Jailbreak Yeasty Soousan are on the road in hot pursuit! Will they find each other? 

Some Clowns in We Are All Aloner: Episode #3

It's the final episode in the Some Clowns, Where Is Loner?, improvisation! Yoyo, Jailbreak Yeasty Sousan, Hope, Zero and Sven Sven Mount Saint Andersson have made it to Vermont. But no Loner. But yes pancakes. Will there be a triumphant reunion with everyone finally together again in the very same room? Oh, I think so.